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banner03-rf-design1Mindway provides custom wireless / RF solutions tailored to your specific requirements and needs, or modifications to existing designs from Low Frequency to Microwave. We have experience with a wide variety of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions in a range of frequencies and standards, including broadcast, ISM, WLAN, cellular, avionics, and medical.

Mindway RF Design Services include:

System Level Design:

  • System architectures, modeling, simulation
  • Link budgets, intermodulation and noise figure analysis
  • Spread spectrum/frequency hopping communication systems
  • Digital/Analog communications systems
  • RFID
  • receivers- superheterodyne, direct conversion, super-regenerative (RKE)
  • transmitters- high and low power (up to 1 KW)
  • oscillators- VCOs, XOs, VCTCXOs
  • phase-locked loops and synthesizers, DDS
  • modulators and demodulators
  • filters –active, passive, and electronically tunable
  • couplers, matching networks, and transmission lines (microstrip, stripline, coaxial)
  • audio, digital, and power supply circuits
  • radar, RF ranging, and pulse

Antenna Design

  • LPDA, Yagi, monopoles, PIFA, and others

PCB Layout

  • Mindway’s design team is capable of developing board solutions from a simple prototyping board to the state of the art board utilizing the latest technologies supporting EMC and RF.

Contact Mindway design services to see how we can assist you with quality RF Design services for your project.