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Hardware core (IP) design service

Mindway supplies state-of-art, cost-effective, advanced and just-in-time system and silicon solutions, allowing customers to build complex and innovative products, maximize returns by smart use of cheap technologies .

Mindway offers the largest IP core portfolio for Audio, Video, Broadcast, Internet Protocol and Telecom applications, with special focus on Digital Television solutions. Mindway’s main goal is to design IP with size and frequency optimization, in order to map them on mainstream Xilinx Spartan devices or to save resources on high level Xilinx Virtex family or in all new 7 Series devices, Zynq and Ultrascale.



Mindway joins the Xilinx Alliance Program and the SignOnce Professional Services Agreement

All Mindway IP Cores are developed in technology independent HDL (Hardware Description Language) using a strict and robust top down design methodology. All Mindway Cores are simulated at behavioral and gate levels and are provided with methodology scripts, exhaustive standard compliance verification suites and complete documentation. Mindway methodology also includes, for complex communication system design, hardware verification with application and development boards. In addition, Mindway Cores are specifically designed to achieve a high level of re-usability to dramatically reduce the development time of complex applications.

Mindway’s IP cores are available for licensing at the source code level providing customers with maximum flexibility and future-proofing. For customers with particular needs, Mindway IP can offer optional customization services in addition to the included technical support. As well as standard and customized IP products, full custom design services are also available.

Visit Mindway's IP Cores page to find your Ip Core