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FPGA design services

The trend to outsource design work is increasing as companies focus on their core competencies. ZynQMindway design team help companies to minimize risks, costs and design cycles. Many of today’s high speed designs need the integration and flexibility that an FPGA can bring.

FPGAs can extend the life cycle of your products due to their ability to support reconfiguration. Mindway’s team is fully trained and experienced in FPGA developments and can support Xilinx FPGA technologies.

Mindway can participate in any phase of an FPGA development life cycle: complete or partial architecture design, feature additions to existing designs, obsolescence issues, test bench development, functional verification and custom PCB design. 

The following design services are available individually or as part of a turnkey solution:



Product definition


  • Analysis of the customer’s problem and requirements. Partial designs, complete turnkey solutions or migration of current designs to newer products can be addressed.
  • Delivery of an operational and architectural specification for the customer to review before development begins. The design will take into account time-to-delivery, costs, and quality pressures and demonstrate an understanding of the problem.



Fpga Design

  • Register Tranfer Level (RTL) code generation (VHDL).
  • FPGA-fabric specific functional macro generation. This takes advantage of hardware specific enhancements within the targeted FPGA (clock management, embedded memory, DSP processing blocks, etc.) to support the overall design.
  • Leverage customer and vender Intellectual Property (IP) cores as required.

FPGA Verification

  • Test plan to show how design correctness will be demonstrated.
  • Testbench generation to support functional simulation.

Synthesis Analysis

  • System clock(s) and I/O planning and Analysis
  • Place and route of the design within the targeted FPGA
  • Final timing analysis


Delivery and Support

  • All source and test bench files
  • Implementation documentation including functional block diagrams and written theory of operation for complex design areas
  • On-site integration and hardware-in-the-loop testing as required
  • Comprehensive support and training to ensure a complete design transfer