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Mindway srl, founded in 2005, continues the design and consulting experience of Siscad, started in 1984. The headquarter is in Settimo Milanese, close to Milan, in the west industrial area.

Mindway is a fast growing privately owned company focused on providing HDL  IP cores, custom or specification based complete Hardware-Software Design, including Microelectronic Design (FPGA-ASIC), Analog-Digital-RF Design, RTOS, Firmware and Software  Design.

Mindway has a strong background of more than 30 years of design activities in several and different fields, like Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Semiconductors, Security, Telecom, Transportation.

Mindway has internal FPGA IP core development program. Main applications are  broadcasting, telecom, security and aerospace.  Mindway is available to develop IP cores according to the customer specification.

Mindway approach is a mix of design capabilities and methodology know how, in order to design and implement IP Cores and Hw-Sw project in the most formal and correct way. Regarding IP Core, the design is driven to be technology independent, in order to easy port it in any FPGA or ASIC technology.

Our mission is to estabilish long-term cooperation and relationship with customers, providing complete and functional solutions, allowing to build also complex design.

As a skilled electronic design center, Mindway offers electronic design services such as:

  • FPGA Design and Verification
  • Hardware Core Design (IP)
  • DSP Design (Digital Signal Processing)
  • RF Design, VHF-UHF-L-X-C-K Band
  • System, Hardware and Board Design
  • Embedded Software development
  • Operating System, RTOS, Linux, WinCE, Win7, Drivers, BSP
  • XILINX Training Services


Mindway’s team is available for any Design Request and Need, offering transparent communication, project visibility and end-to-end support. Mindway’s problem-solving skills and cutting-edge expertise result in effective and efficient electronic product development.

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