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General Description

MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES cores implements related standards, by means of a precise and robust design, to inexpensive devices, (from Spartan3  up to 7Series families) using reduced FPGA resources.
This implies, at system level, two major benefits:
     No external deserializer devices are required
     Several instances of the core can be mapped in the same low-cost FPGA

MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_RX performs three major tasks:
   Recovery and resampling serial data
   Framing data in the correct word boundary
   Decoding the 8B/10B encoded word
   TS flow delineation and synchronization
   TS flow adapting to user clock

MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_TX adapts TS flow from yser clock to transmission clock, encodes words in 8B/10B format and serializes the data for transmission.

Clock infrastructures (PLLs, DCMs, BUFGs) are common to all core instances.


  • Compatible with DVB standard
  • 310/270 Mbit Asynchronous
  • Robust Jitter tolerance
  • Polarity Insensitive
  • 8B/10B coding
  • TS framing
  • Rate adaptation
  • ASI received clock recovery (for “seamless” applications)
  • Rx Clock Jitter compensation (up to 0.6 U.I.)

Typical Application


Performance and Resource Utilization

Version Family Device Slices SliceReg LUTs DSP48E1 BRAM Speed(MHz)
RX dual Spartan6 XC6LX100 518 1100 1219 0 3 270
RX dual Artix®-7 XC7A200T 501 1100 1192 0 2 270
RX dual Zynq Z-7020 501 1100 1192 0 2 270
Version Family Device Slices SliceReg LUTs DSP48E1 BRAM Speed(MHz)
TX dual Spartan6 XC6LX100 167 482 347 0 3 270
TX dual Artix®-7 XC7A200T 158 482 338 0 2 270
TX dual Zynq Z-7020 158 482 338 0 2 270

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The core, delivered as is, is warranted against defects for two years from the date of purchase. Sixty days of phone and email technical support are included, starting from the delivery date.


The core has been verified through extensive simulation and physical implementation with Vivado® Design Suite on Xilinx Spartan™ 6,  Xilinx Artix™ 7 and Zynq-7000 technology.


The following deliverables are available:

  • FPGA netlist and Xilinx ISE or Vivado® Design Suite constraint files
  • User guide
  • Block level design document
  • VHDL test bench and test vectors

Optional deliverables:

  • Fully synthesizable VHDL source code
  • Synthesis script for XST
  • tcl script for Vivado® Design Suite

Available Configuration

Core P/N Functionality
MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_RX_single single DVB Asi SerDes receiver
MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_RX_dual dual DVB Asi SerDes receiver
MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_TX_single single DVB Asi SerDes transmitter
MW_ASI/SMPTE_SERDES_TX_dual dual DVB Asi SerDes transmitter

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